about alyssa

My mission is simple: to help women have more fun through a ‘re-winding’ of the mind and a reconnection to the body and natural world.

I offer 6-weeks of sessions to guide women back to their instinctual knowing that life is not supposed to be a grind. 

The definition of grind is to “reduce to small particles or powder by crushing.” 

I don’t think life was designed for that purpose. 

At some point in our early lives, I believe we all instinctively knew that life was about fun, curiosity, exploration and big-hearted kindness. Then, somewhere along the way, something happened that kind of DID crush us. And I guess we just decided that life is a grind, and we must grind, and that it’s all one big overcome-or-be-overcome grind till the end. 

I like to believe that all of life is meant to be savored, explored, enjoyed and actually experienced rather than escaped (even the tough parts), so life can do what life is meant to do: EXPAND your heart and mind and fill you up. I guide women in re-discovering fun and re-connecting their minds to their bodies and nature, the wellsprings of fun. 

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