How to Keep Your Home From Stealing Your Attention

You know time and money are important, and you know that the excess clutter in your home is costing you both. But clutter is also costing you something even more important than either time or money: your attention. 

Every single item in your home is competing for your attention. Whether you are aware of it or not, your brain is registering every item, color, and word it sees. The more items, the more colors, and the more words in the environment, the more registering it needs to do. And the more registering it does, the more exhausted your brain becomes. 

This is an issue, because your brain’s ability to attend is your most important resource. This is why advertisers and marketers specifically design advertisements to ‘capture’ your attention. And it’s not a coincidence that notifications are red, the same color as blood, a color which your brain is hardwired to pay attention to. Our attention is the gateway into our lives because it determines our thoughts, which in turn determine our feelings, which fuel our actions. It’s that important. 

Therefore, when an item in your home gets your attention, it gets your thoughts. This takes your thoughts away from those things that are more important to you, such as being present with your family, working from your office home, enjoying a hobby, or – let’s face it – just trying to relax. 

When you have too many items in your home asking for your attention, it will be much more difficult to truly live the life you want to live because those items have taken up residence in your brain and are using up the resources you need to truly give your attention to what matters. 

If you’re feeling unfocused and pulled in a hundred directions, maybe it’s time to evict those items from both your mind and your home, huh? 

Decide now what you want to focus your attention on each day. Where do you want your focus to be? 

Then, choose one room of your home to edit. What kind of things are asking for your attention in this room? 

  • Is there a pile of junk mail or old magazines? 
  • Knick-knacks that are collecting dust and serving no purpose? 
  • What about freebies in a junk drawer from parades, salespeople, and trade shows? 
  • Dirty laundry? 
  • Eight different colored spatulas in your utensils drawer? 
  • And what’s the screen-to-people ratio in your home? Have screens become more important than actual faces? 

Now, consider if these things are as important as your relationships, your peace of mind, your current goals, your ability to relax, your ability to focus. If you can’t answer with a resounding “Yes,” maybe it’s time to let them go and get your attention back.

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