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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Organize Your Home

While home has always been important, it’s playing a starring role in our lives these days, because we’re all spending a lot more time in it. 

If you’ve been considering decluttering, simplifying and creating a home that works for you rather than against you, here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to go all in.  

Your home is a sanctuary from outside influences…

Perhaps you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of opinions out there in the world, and when you go out there and do your thing, or invite the outside world into your home via technology, those opinions can muddle your own beliefs. It’s easy to start to buy into the idea that you need more. More clothes, more beauty treatments, more diets, more essential oils, more followers, and of course, more of the latest technology so you don’t miss a single message telling you how you should think, feel, and act. 

This is why it is so important to edit and organize your home so that it reflects back to you what you value most, so that when you return home, it invites you in and reminds you what is most important to you, regardless of what the rest of the world is saying. In this way, your home becomes deeply personal and reduces any confusion you may have. When you intentionally choose what messages you allow your home to send you, your home can have a very significant centering effect. 

…. And it’s a launch pad into your future

When editing and organizing your home, it is helpful to do so with your future in mind. This means you only keep those items that are relevant to the goals you have set for yourself and the version of you that you are becoming, and release items from the past that have served their purpose. Doing this is one way that you can set yourself up for success. 

While none of us know for sure what the future holds, most of us don’t want it to contain more of the past. There’s no possibility in the past, so spending our time organizing it and storing it just keeps us stuck there.  

You’re spending a lot of time in it…

Given that you are spending more time in your home, it serves you to organize and structure it in a way that helps you feel less stressed, supports your good habits, makes your bad habits less desirable, and reflects what is most important to you in your life. Your environment is always ‘speaking’ to you and in subtle ways ‘telling’ you what to do. The more time you spend in your home, the more times you receive the messages it sends (which ultimately, are the thoughts you have when you are in your home), and the more habitual your resulting feelings and actions become. Do you like what you are practicing in your home? 

Make being who you want to be easy by setting up cues in your home that make it easy to act accordingly. 

… Likely doing things that require more focus, like working or homeschooling. 

The time you are spending in your home may look a little different than it used to. You may be working from home or homeschooling your children, both of which require a lot more focus than simply doing household tasks and relaxing. 

The more stuff in your home, the more stuff competing for your attention. Imagine how much easier it would be to focus on your work if you didn’t also have to look at stacks of unopened mail, toys scattered over the floor, laundry draped over your desk chair, and unfinished projects laying on the dining room table. 

Remember those little cubicle boxes your teacher would put around your desk when it was test time? That may have served a dual purpose in preventing students from peering at each other’s papers, but the primary purpose was to make it easier for students to focus by blocking out visual distractions. 

Is there space in your home to retreat from all the distractions? 

Is there a room in your home where your kids can truly focus on their schoolwork or are there screens everywhere and toys bursting at the seams? More toys = more distracted children. More distractions interfere with imagination and creativity because all those distractions compete for space in the brain and shove out children’s own original and novel thoughts. 

Suffice it to say: everyone in your household can benefit from a clearer space. 

And the new year promises a clean-slate. 

While any day is a good day to start rethinking your home and organizing, your brain loves the idea of a fresh start and naturally feels compelled to ‘start over’ at the beginning of new seasons, years, or life transitions. Take advantage of the fact that your brain actually wants to make a change at this time and decide to dive in.

But most of all, because NOW is the only time you can do anything. 

We can’t do things in the future, because the future doesn’t exist. It exists only in our mind, and when the future arrives, we will experience it ‘now.’ Now is the only time we can ever really do anything. There is no better time than now because there literally is NO other time than now. 

Why postpone clarity, joy, and peace-of-mind when you could have it now? 

Wanting to deep dive into this work and enjoy a simple, organized home that inspires you to live your life to its fullest? Sign up for a free mini-session with me to learn my step-by-step process.





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